70 Karat natürliche winzige raue Emerald Lot aus Panjshir Afghanistan 203228

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70 Karat natürliche winzige raue Emerald Lot aus Panjshir Afghanistan

Mony Helal / موني هلال is Miss Egypt World 2018. Having completed her Degree in Mass Communication, Mony is currently working as a Director of a Consulting Agency and aspires to lead a Multinational Company. She enjoys horseback riding, sky diving, scuba diving and belly dancing. Mony also plays the violin. She has a pet dog called Kiki and her favourite food is Japanese. Personal Motto: ‘One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something. My something is to be successful in whatever I chose to do.’ Mony fluent in Arabic & English. 

She is 1.74 m tall, measurements: bust - 89, waist - 61, hips - 94.

موني هلال

Herkunft: Panjshir Afghanistan.Gesamtgewicht: 70 Karat
70 Karat natürliche winzige raue Emerald Lot aus Panjshir Afghanistan , 40.30Cts100% Natürlicher niedriger winziger Smaragd-Rohkörper Lose Edelstein 20322915,11 ct.7 Stck.Unbeheiztes 100% natürliches raues grünes Smaragd @ FREIES SCHIFF 20323013.05 CtsNatural Green Color Kolumbianischer Smaragd Edelstein wunderschönes Mineral Rough 20323160 CT SCOOP TINY NATURAL EMERALD GREEN ROUGH GEMSTONES LOSE MINERAL LOT RAW , 100% NATÜRLICH 29,95 Ct Unbehandelt ERDMINIERT Kolumbianischer Loose Emerald ROUGH10692W 203233390Ct EGL-zertifizierter natürlicher hervorragender Qualität Grüner Smaragd-Rohedelstein BW2076 , 83,50 Ct.Natürlicher Smaragd Fuchsit Rohmineralien Probe Lose Edelstein v-688 20323535,40 ct Schöner zertifizierter natürlicher Smaragd-Edelstein Rough eBay , Urlaubsangebot 448.00Ct EGL-zertifizierter natürlicher grüner Smaragd-Rohedelstein BW839 20323739,00 Ct Natürlicher unbehandelter grüner Smaragd Lose Edelstein-Rohprobe - 2087 , 53.05Cts Natürliches grünes Brasilien Smaragd Rough Lose Edelstein Lot , 100% NATÜRLICH 28.80 CTS UNBEHANDELT EARTH MINED Colombian Loose Emerald Rough als 203240Natürlicher kolumbianischer grüner Smaragd-Edelstein von 170,85 ct 203241400,00 ct natürlicher Smaragd lose Edelstein-Rohprobe viel 17 Stück - 11006 2032422030Ct EGL-zertifizierter natürlicher riesiger exklusiver grüner Smaragd-Rohedelstein AQ4878 203243Natürlicher grüner kolumbianischer Smaragd AGSL mit 21,55 ct. Zertifiziertes unbehandeltes FACET Rough , 100% NATÜRLICHER EMERALD-SKOTA 115 CTS ERDSPERIODEN ROTES EDELSTEIN LOT 786 , 77 Cts.20 STÜCKE SCHÖNE KOLUMBIEN NATURAL EMERALD ROUGH EDELSTEIN viel AC11 203246Anständiger zertifizierter natürlicher Smaragd kolumbianischer Rohstein eBay 2032475003Ct oder 1kg EGL-zertifiziertes natürliches Wunderbares grünes Smaragd-Rohedelstein-Los F , 400,00 ct natürlicher Smaragd lose Edelstein-Rohprobe viel 31 Stück - 11018 , 55.20 Cts SCHÖNE NATÜRLICHE GRÜNE SAMBIAN EMERALD ROUGH GEMSTONE LOT & gt; ER11 , 29,00 cts.SCHÖNER GRÜNER NATÜRLICHER EMERALD-ROHSTEIN.4984 Q , 90 Cts.SCHÖNE NATÜRLICHE REICHE GRÜNE SAMBIAN EMERALD ROUGH GEMSTONE ZM11 , 187.00 Cts SCHÖNES REICHES GRÜNES ZAMBIAN NATURAL EMERALD ROUGH LOT.GH qw 203253100% natürlich 12,80 Cts. Unbehandelte Erde abgebaut kolumbianischer loser Smaragd rau , Natürlicher Sambia-Smaragd-Rohedelstein, Smaragdschmuck, der 12x14mm ER12 , Stoßstange Freitag 456.30Ct EGL-zertifiziertes Naturgrüner Smaragd-Edelstein BR171 , 268 Ct Natural Awesome Look Uncut Green Smaragd Rohes Ggl-Zertifikat 203257
Finali Galaiya Miss Kenya World 2018 (17 pictures & video)

Finali Galaiya is Miss Kenya World 2018. She is of Indian origin. Finali represented Kenya at Miss India Worldwide 2016.

Galaiya is 24-years-old. She is continuing with her studies to be a Chartered Accountant and is currently an Entrepreneur and a Television Presenter. She also has diplomas in Acting, Martial Arts, Yoga and Dance. 

Galaiya fluent in English, Swahili, Hindi & Gujarati.

Natalya Stroeva / Наталья Строева is Miss Russia World 2018. Her mother was yakut (yakuts are a turkic people in Siberia), her father was russian. 

Natalya is a nineteen year old student at the Russian National Research Medical University and has dreams to be either a Cosmetologist, Dermatologist or a Plastic Surgeon. She enjoys modelling and traditional Russian dances. Personal Motto: 'All that is done - all for the better!'

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Quinn Abenakyo is Miss Uganda World 2018. Quinn is twenty-two years old and represented the Mayuge district. She is a student of Business Computing, a motivational speaker and model. Quiin’s proudest moment was when she participated in the New York Fashion week. Abenakyo fluent in English, Luganda and Lusoga. She is 1.71 m tall.

Maria Vasilevich / Мария Василевич is Miss Belarus World 2018. 

Maria is 21-years-old and from Minsk (the capital and largest city of Belarus). She is a student of the Belarusian State Economic University and fluent in Belarusian and Russian. Her ambition is to become a TV presenter. She has a passion for drawing and enjoys visiting places of inspiration such as theatres and art galleries. She enjoys dancing which she has been doing since she was five and playing sports, in particular, roller-skating, cycling and horse riding. Maria thrives on trying new hobbies and has even piloted an aeroplane. Personal Motto: 'Be a better version of who you are.'

70 Karat natürliche winzige raue Emerald Lot aus Panjshir Afghanistan

Nguyen Phuong Khanh (Vietnam) Miss Earth 2018 (12 pictures & video)

Nguyễn Phương Khánh is a Vietnamese model who was crowned Miss Earth 2018. She is the first ever Vietnamese woman to win any of the Big Four international beauty. pageants title. Nguyễn is 1.71 m tall, measurements: bust - 82, waist - 58, hips - 93.

She has Instagram @phuongkhanh_me2018

Nguyễn Phương Khánh Miss Earth 2018

70 Karat natürliche winzige raue Emerald Lot aus Panjshir Afghanistan 203228

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